We are the champions: My memories of an amazing day

Thirteen years ago AS Roma finally crowned my dream and after a dominated season Capello’s guys won the title. However, it is not all gold that glitters. This victory has been suffered and conquered by all of us…supporters of a team that has not lived many moment of joy.

I remember the week before when, with a few friends, I went to Naples with the hope to close the season there, directly in the house of the “enemies.” In perfect Roma style it didn’t happen and my agony was prolonged.

I also remember that the situation outside the stadium wasn’t great. Many people were fighting against the police that, to maintain the control of the situation, were throwing tear gas everywhere. It is still impressed in my mind that one ambulance was burning, people running all over the streets, and that many cars were damaged. Yes, there was a bit of panic over there but my mind was only thinking to the result of the match and the possible consequences that that fucking match could have brought to the final result of the season.

I’m pretty sure that many Roma supporters were thinking of the same catastrophic ending…Roma is not going to win this title anymore!!!

I also remember that close to me there was a well known boss of the “Curva Sud” (at the moment I don’t remember his name) that I naively used as my mentor. Please guys believe me…I needed reassurances about the positive ending of the season despite the daily negative result against Naples. I have to say that his answer wasn’t awarded of the Nobel prize:

“If they (Parma) do not let us win the next match they are not going to leave the stadium anymore!!!”

WTF I thought…he knows what he is speaking about!

The following week the long-awaited match had arrived and together with other, I believe 90.000, people I was there supporting my team…following my dream!

The victory and the final invasion of the field are stories that everyone knows. The piece of grass that I brought home was there to confirm that I wasn’t dreaming anymore.

Thirteen years ago AS Roma won the title and thanks to the American management and our great team I hope that I can re-live this experience soon!

Forza Roma!!!

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