Soccer and technology: Finally together!

We are almost half way through the World Cup and this could be the moment to recap the greatest innovation that FIFA introduced in soccer since decades, the goal / no goal technology.

In the last four years many were the discussions about the introduction of sophisticated cameras on the pitch to help the referees in evaluating the most intricate situations, and especially if the ball overcame the goal line. Finally Blatter, the head of FIFA, cleared his mind and convinced himself that these cameras are the necessary tools to improve this game.

Especially because most of us still remember the incredible goal not approved for England against Germany in South Africa. In that occasion the ball crossed the line by almost a yard. From that moment Blatter decided to begin the camera experiment and the rest is recent history. The proof that this technology is useful was the match between France and Honduras where Benzema’s goal was approved thanks to this technology and a computer that sent the message “GOAL” to the referee’s wrist watch.

At this stage we can say that soccer entered in a new era because, hopefully, all the soccer federations around the world will be pushed to use this technology. However, the main problem could be represented by the high cost of it. Probably, FIFA will have to help those federations that cannot afford it.

After many years Blatter changes his mind and now the biggest question would be: Is the Italian soccer federation able to change its mind as well? Not an easy answer, especially because traditionally Italy is against of any kind of technology. Let’s think about the situation with the stadiums that in the “Bel Paese” most of them seem to be older than the Colosseum.

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