Roma-Juventus: total clash

It seems like back in the ’80s when Roma and Juventus were “fighting” over everything. Every day we are aware of rumors that the men in charge of the transfer market of the two teams are disturbing each other in the negotiation and acquisition of new players. No problem, of course, this is a pretty honest strategy of the market…this is something that happens in any kind of business everywhere in the world.

Let’s in-depth focus on this matter though…

It is more than a month that we report that AS Roma seems to be very interested in the acquisition of the Argentine talent Juan Iturbe. At certain times the deal seemed to be very advanced and in other moments it seemed to be delayed or locked, however, in the last few days, Juventus seems to be heavily on theplayer. For a period we spoke about AS Roma’s interest in the duo Iturbe-Romulo because Garcia needs an important player for the Champions League and the Serie A as well as a reserve of endurance and quality. Also in this case the newspapers and the various websites have been “forced” to report that Juventus is looking forward to these players too.

The story is not over!

After Italy’s first match of the World Cup the entire world discovered the incredible quality of Matteo Darmian, a talented left-back that is actually playing for Torino. However, not everyone reported that Darmian had been discovered from a man that is globally recognized as the greatest talent scout in the world…I’m obviously speaking about Walter Sabatini. AS Roma is tracking Darmian’s situation hoping to find an agreement with Torino’s president, Cairo, to bring the player to Rome. However, the latest news is that Juventus is deeply interested in Darmian as well.

In many of these cases the interest of some teams for some of the players are not entirely true. These are technically labeled as disruptive actions. Juventus knows that AS Roma is a strong candidate for the next Serie A title and it is trying to spread smoke on possible agreements that Sabatini is trying to finalize with other teams. Obviously Sabatini, who is an expert navigator of the transfer market, is doing the same.

At this stage, Roma and Juventus are in total collision…Let’s see who will win this exciting battle off the field!

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