Juan Iturbe: an overvalued player that could be a flop!

How many things have been said about the talented Argentinian winger, Juan Iturbe, and how many other things will be said. Yes, I know…the transfer market period runs in this way with daily market drafts that one day associate a player to a team and the day after to another one.

However, the main problem is that most of these drafts are not true but invented or enriched with info that can just be categorized as transfer market ideas or assumptions, not real news.

Juan Iturbe’s saga seems to be incredible. Hellas Verona redeemed the player from Porto in order to sell him to the highest bidder and to realize a great gain. Every day a new team is associated to this potential negotiation. Roma, Juventus, Milan, Real Madrid and Barcelona are “fighting” to get the player by using their secret strategies to lower the price and convince Verona to accept some player in exchange.

At this stage the question is…Where is the truth?

The answer is that nobody knows the truth but everyone knows that Iturbe’s price is too high for the actual value of the player. Yes, I said actual value because it is clear to everyone that Iturbe could be one of the biggest “crack” in the near future but in this moment he cannot be valued €25/30 million. Sabatini seems to be sheltered and he is evaluating the situation trying to find an alternative of the same level. I definitely agree with his reconsideration about a huge offer to present to Verona for Iturbe. Many times we saw potential great players that after one fantastic year disappeared for various reasons from the world panorama.

Roma’s fans perfectly remember Jeremy Menez, a player that in France was categorized as a future champion. His adventure with Roma has been mediocre and sad. Another example could be Yoann Gourcouff, a French player that was considered the new Zinedine Zidane but that Milan supporters still label him as a “flop”. The list could be very long if we speak about Bojan, Jose Mari, and so on.

Juan Iturbe seems to be a great player, but in order to be evaluated €25/30 million a player should have already confirmed all his qualities. A potential great player cannot cost that much and Sabatini knows it very well. Magazines, newspapers and specialized websites keep writing about the auction that there is on this player but probably this situation is not really true. Teams are interested but Hellas Verona should lower its economic request otherwise it risks remaining with a discontent player and with big economic problems caused by the huge investment that Sogliano, Verona’s sporting director, made to redeem him.

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