Garcia’s trick: The power of a solid and happy group

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Most of us are still astounded about AS Roma’s last season. Garcia’s team sharply improved its performances from the previous disastrous year when AS Roma was relegated out of the European cups. Undoubtedly, some new players made the difference…this is sport guys and human qualities are necessary to succeed.

Maicon and Strootman brought personality and hunger to the team. De Sanctis perfectly directed the defense line together with the great season performed by the duo BenatiaCastan that were just perfect for months.

However, Garcia has a lot of merit as well. He decided to buy Gervinho that was seen as one of the biggest flops that Arsenal had in decades. The forward from the Ivory Cost, thanks to the trust that Garcia gave him impressed the world with goals, assists and being a constant problem for the opposing defenses.

According to many newspapers, Sabatini is closing the deal for Marko Baša, another player suggested by Rudi Garcia. He trained him at Lille, as well as he did with Gervinho, and Garcia was amazed by his defensive skills but, moreover, by his character, and leadership. LOSC Lille is actually struggling with a difficult economic condition and for this reason it urgently needs to make some profits. Basa will be an AS Roma player in the next few days and, in this way, Garcia will be satisfied again.

Garcia’s trick is the ability to create groups with solid foundations and a common goal…to win something important. Rudi Garcia is able to transmit self esteem and will to his players and thanks to his deep knowledge of soccer he is also able to help Sabatini in acquiring the right human capital.

A player should not only be an athlete, but a human being with a culture of work, respect and a will to improve for himself and for the sack of his team.

Basa will replace Toloi that, as we know, will not be redeemed from San Paolo. Marko Baša will then be the 3rd defender behind the magic couple Benatia-Castan. Also if he is not really young anymore we should accept him as he is…a player selected and well known by Garcia, the creator of a great soccer machine, AS Roma.

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