Excuse my rant! The exasperation of football reaps another victim

Once again we are here to comment on a senseless tragedy. It is not possible to die for football. It is not possible that people have such a hatred towards others just because they are fans of different football teams.

What do you think football is? What do you think to show to the world when you are fighting for a team? What sense of accomplishment do you have after having fought against the “enemysupporter?

The results that you get with these behaviors is only the disdain of the people that label you as stupid and uncivilized people not like heroes as you had hoped. You have not won a battle, you’ve lost in life. Football should NOT lead to mass destruction, but to the joy and social aggregation. Rooting for different teams does not change the reality, we are identical people with passions, ambitions and dreams. Stop with the ignorance of people who identify football as a clash between groups, races, or fans.

Stop to the stupidity of people which believe that football is a way to demonstrate a social superiority. Ciro Esposito passed away because he was going to follow his dream, his team playing for an important trophy. Is that possible? Do you think it is normal that in the stadiums hundreds of police officers must be employed to maintain public order?

Football is a game…as my grandfather was saying, sometimes it is a stupid game with eleven people running behind a ball. The passion that this game creates is fantastic but it should not escalate into violence of ignorant people who have nothing else in their lives to think to. Let football come back to its roots…Let football once again become a healthy but contagious passion not a tool of social revenge.

Today not only Ciro Esposito passed away…Football is dead!

Goodbye Ciro…From up there, help us to change!

AS Roma statement here!


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