De Rossi: Rome bewitches you, it is almost impossible to leave this city

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On the eve of his departure for Brazil he has released an interesting interview in which he spoke about his life and his passion, Rome and the AS Roma.

Daniele De Rossi is never trivial, he speaks from the heart, like a true football fan. When he was asked about his thoughts now that he is 31 year old, he stated:

“When I was 20 I would have had to go away from Italy, to gain life and football experience abroad. I would have played more Champions Leagues, and perhaps more finals. But I never been alone, I’ve always gone to lunch with mom and dad, who live just three minutes away from my place. It is difficult to change a comfortable bed, it is easier to adjust it. Rome bewitches you, it is almost impossible to leave this city. Fans love you, follow you, and if you fall, they wait for your redemption…”

Another important moment of the interview is when he was asked… People continue to speak about your salary. What do you think?

“Yes,I am the highest paid of Serie A. Six and a half million per season. According to the fans I should feel ashamed when I do not play well, as if I might like to not always play well. If a singer drives a Jaguar he is cool, but if a player does it he is an asshole. When I renewed the contract I’ve never hidden that I would have played for the team who pays me the highest salary. There is a market, there is a value, so I do not steal money. If Madonna earns a lot of money this means that she is good, but if a football player gains well this means that he is a money eater…

… I am proud of one thing, when under Zeman’s management I was not playing I didn’t complain, I liked my reaction rather than my performance on the field.”

Full interview here!

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