Benatia’s secrect tactic to leave

Benatia’s saga is one of the most exiting soap opera of this summer. We all know the previous episodes of Benatia’s drama…a player looking forward to gain more and more and more!!!

We know everything about the interviews that he released to various media, we know about his talk with Rudi Garcia and his collaborators and we also know about the confidences that he released to some of his teammates.

In this period the player is in holiday. We saw some of his pictures when he was at the beach in Ostia and another pic from Marrakesh. The situation seems to be quiet but it is not so. 

Benatia’s secret tactic to leave is taking action. Sources close to the club seem to confirm that the player is very dissatisfied and disappointed. He is convinced that Sabatini has not complied with the agreements and, above all, he wants to earn significantly more. His detachment from everything that revolves around Roma does not seem to be improved. At this stage, Sabatini is waiting for the right bid for the player. In the famous press conference that Walter Sabatini released at the end of May he stated that Benatia’s price is 61 million, however, some recent transfer market have significantly lowered the price of the strong Moroccan defender. Let’s think that a few days ago Ezequiel Garay has been sold to Zenit for 15 million then it is obvious that no one could offer more than 30/35 million for Benatia. 

The future of Benatia seems to be farther away from Rome and Sabatini is monitoring the market to understand how to monetize the most from this sale. He could sell Benatia to Barcelona in order to convince Enrique to give Adriano plus money in exchange. Otherwise, he could begin a negotiation with Chelsea in order to convince Mourinho to exchange Lukaku.

By ruining a famous Roman proverb which says that “all roads lead to Rome” we can say that “Sabatini’s ideas are endless.” For this reason, we have to stay at the window and wait for Sabatini’s surprise.

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