ASRoma fans waited for decades for their New Stadium…finally their dream is going to be realized by an American investor.

Mr. James J. Pallotta and his group of collaborators are working hard to complete a majestic stadium that is going to change the look of Rome and the financial condition of the most important club of the capital of Italy. Pallotta & Co perfectly know that in order to increase the profits and pursue new great players the stadium is a necessary structure that must be realized. AS Roma‘s American management already presented a project and when it will be realized will give to the giallorossi a financial stability that represents a prerequisite for a great future. In today’s football stadium ownership is mandatory to grow revenues and keep the club at the top of the pyramid.

Stadium AS Roma

By establishing strong partnerships with important global companies such as Disney, Nike, Starwood, and Goldman Sachs the Official ASRoma management is looking forward to building the new facility at the beginning of 2017.

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Take a look at the Stadium!

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