AS Roma Radio

There is a huge network around the Official AS Roma team and this is represented by magazines, weblogs (like, newspapers, media, and radio stations. Crazy supporters, just like me, are constantly searching for the latest news about the team.

So…you can find here useful info about the most popular radio stations which, on a daily basis, talk about our stars and the world that revolves around them.

 CentroSS250x250 Te La Do Io Tokyo is the most famous radio broadcast in Rome. This is a daily talk show from 10 am to 2 pm, exclusively broadcasted on CENTRO SUONO SPORT 101.5.Mario Corsi is the creator and host of the program, who for years has entertained and informed the AS Roma fans about everything that revolves around the team.This is Te La Do Io Tokyosimply one of the best radio broadcasts of Rome.  
 TRS250x250 TeleRadioStereo…A radio station in high-rise. A large group of skilled, intelligent, friendly and united conductors. This radio station is almost totally immersed in the AS Roma world. Various daily programs follow each other in order to provide high quality info for the AS Roma fans. Journalists and radio hosts are perfectly integrated in the TeleRadioStereo daily schedule.Riccardo Galopeira is the creative director of the most important program which is broadcasted daily from 10 am to 2 pm.Dario Bersani, Augusto Ciardi, Federico Nisii, Riccardo Galopeira, Valentina Catoni, Marco Valerio Rossomando, Gabriele Ziantoni and Danilo Salatino are the daily hosts assisted by a wise journalist, Stefano Petrucci. In addition the great collaboration of former AS Roma player Ubaldo Righetti.

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