Giovanni Senes

Hi there, I am Giovanni P. Senes. I lived in Rome for the first few years of my life. My father is a Romanista, and it is thanks to his influence that I became one too. I have lived in many different places throughout my life.
Giovanni Senes
From Rome, Italy to Montevideo, Uruguay to New York and Chicago here in the USA. You could say that A.S. Roma has been one of the few consistent things in my life, although there is little consistent about it.
I have always had an eye for tactics and have taken to coaching U-15 teams in the spring/summer/fall when time allows. I am almost done with my University studies, which include Political Science, Environmental Studies, as well as GIS map making and spatial analysis. Although journalism or writing are not part of my studies, I do enjoy writing, especially when it’s about my beloved A.S. Roma.
Daje Roma!
Tifare e un dovere di tutti. Riuscirci e un onore di pochi.

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