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ASRoma360.com is a company registered in the State of New York (USA) created from the passion of its managing editor, Stefano Bernardini, to provide news, insights, and opinions about the Official ASRoma football team. Do you want to know something more about us?

Stefano Bernardini at the Roma Club New York (USA)
Stefano Bernardini at the Roma Club New York (USA)

ASRoma360 is a portal that analyzes the ASRoma World at 360 degrees!

Serie A, Champions League, Italian Cup, World News, Academy, New Stadium…These are only some of the insights that ASRoma360.com covers. We provide news as well as the personal opinions of our collaborators around the world. We created a web of writers located in New York, Chicago, Dubai, Thailand and the U.K. Those contributors are weekly writing about their passion for the giallorossi and how they live symbiotically with the team from abroad.

Are you interested in collaborating with us? So, what are you waiting for? Just shoot us an email using the contact us page and we will evaluate your candidacy.

Enjoy the content, join the ASRoma360 community, and express your opinions in a polite and constructive way!

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