Roma, competitiveness and sustainability before victory

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Roma’s management works silently to renovate a club that needs an ambitious new project. But there’s a difference between competitiveness and victory.

The recent Champions League final PSG vs Bayern Munich sparked questions and doubts about which is the best way to get to victory. The French side is a collection of amazing superstars while the rocky German powerhouse showcases a solid team built over the years with excellent interpreters.

The common denominator between these two clubs is not the strategy with which they came to contend for the most important trophy of the season but the quality of the choices made during the transfer windows. The acquisition of strong players with great personality and dedication seems to be necessary. Football players capable of creating a superior quality group.

What should The Friedkin Group do to bring AS Roma back to the football elite?

Dan and Ryan Friedkin surely have a project to develop in the medium to long term. Roma’s CEO Guido Fienga is in charge of following a financial and technical restructuring plan to give the project a new life and shape a competitive team.

Reportedly, the current main goal of the club of Trigoria is to lower operating costs to have greater strength in the transfer market. The Friedkin Group is likely looking for competitiveness and sustainability as a means of achieving victory.

Although the passionate Roma fans would love to see an instant-team capable of challenging the other Italian powerhouses for the Scudetto, the best plan to implement at this time is to shape a competitive side rather the pouring money into the transfer market.

There’s a difference between competitiveness and victory. The latter can be achieved only by building a strong side with qualitative players. Competitiveness, on the other hand, is the only strategy that can be implemented and that should really interest the fans.

No one can assure the supporters of the Giallorossi that their beloved team will win in a set season. But by shaping a competitive team, the final goal will be achieved sooner or later.

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