Transfer windows may be a source of extreme help for clubs

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Football leagues are trying to find solutions to resume the current season. The next transfer window may be key to help clubs limit economic losses.

In order to bring a measure of stability to football, new and unprecedented strategies must be put in place. Football clubs may face significant economic losses due to the COVID-19 pandemic and those working in the world of professional football are trying to tackle these issues.

Health is the primary aspect to consider but following the unprecedented difficulty caused by the COVID-19 at all levels of football, FIFA has worked on a series of recommendations and guidelines to address some of the key practical issues arising.

In light of that, players’ contracts may be extended beyond June 30, 2020, until the real end of the season. But as stated by FIFA in their recent media release on April 7, 2020, “The COVID-19 pandemic has clearly had a major impact on the revenues of clubs.”

In order to limit foreseeable economic losses, the next transfer window may be a source of extreme help for clubs. The business model of many European clubs significantly relies on the transfer market and therefore it depends on transfer windows.

Although as reported by CIES Football Observatory, the potential loss on players’ value could be extremely relevant if no matches will be played and no contracts will be extended until the end of June, the next transfer window may be vital for clubs but also extremely unpredictable in its development.

Will football clubs be willing to trade their players at a discount? Will they mainly decide to sign players on loan instead?

Of course, all clubs will try to limit costs albeit always aiming to build competitive rosters. The world of football is in a phase of reflection that precedes a possible radical change.

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