Football could change: Lower costs and a more competitive transfer market

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Football could be based on new parameters that would make it more interesting and sustainable. Maximum competition between all clubs.

Although this is not the moment to think about football played on a pitch, this sport loved by millions of people could radically change. According to CIES Football Observatory, “The total player transfer value at big-5 league level would decrease by 28%: from €32.7 to €23.4 billion.”

This possible decrease in the value of the players will not totally level the potential of the clubs but it may decrease the gap in the transfer market. Les’s focus on that:

  • The players would have a more accessible cost and many clubs could compete for the acquisition of top stars and young prodigies. The main football powerhouses will always have higher revenues but many more clubs would be in the condition to lure players with ambitious projects;
  • Likely, players’ wages will also decrease giving the clubs the possibility to strengthen their foundation rebalancing their accounts. This may be another pivotal factor that would both lower management costs and change the parameters of the transfer market;
  • Reportedly, UEFA could decide to momentarily stop the Financial Fair Play regulations in order to give breath to the clubs that are suffering from the loss in revenues due to the interruption of the professional activity. Without the restrictions of the FFP, clubs would have a little more purchasing power to shape their rosters and reorganize their business.
  • In the next transfer window, we may see a spike in loans. The clubs will likely carefully manage their expenses while trying to understand the new trend of the market. The first few top deals will shape the value of future acquisitions or sales. A reverse process to what happened after the acquisition of Neymar by PSG.

In light of that, many players could be loaned for one or more seasons. This would be a perfect solution for those clubs that have to reshape their rosters while waiting for an upward trend. No one would be happy to sell their stars at a discount. The next summer market could be simply transitory. The clubs could focus on new commercial partnerships to increase revenues to then implement new growth strategies.

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