Will the Roma strategies change with Friedkin’s arrival?

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A few executives from The Friedkin Group landed in the Italian capital to reportedly finalize the documents regarding Roma’s imminent change of ownership.

Everyone in the eternal city is carefully following every single piece of news about what should be another important step for the future of the glorious club of the Italian capital.

As reported by Il Tempo, Romapress.net, and many other Italian outlets, a group of executives and lawyers that are working for the company of the Californian tycoon Friedkin arrived in Rome today and had a meeting at the headquarters of the Lupi.

Many Roma fans are impatiently waiting to see Mr. Dan Friedkin and his son Ryan at the helm of the Giallorossi. They are hoping for a new strategy, especially in the transfer market.

Over the years, many players have been sold and many others, instead, joined the Lupi. Although the club has always been competitive domestically and on the international stage, this may be the right time to change something.

But in the total excitement that always comes during epochal changes of ownership, will the Roma strategies change with Friedkin’s arrival?

Reportedly, Dan Friedkin, the owner of The Friedkin Group, should put his son Ryan in charge of the management of the club. The Giallorossi may benefit from the constant presence of the owner in the eternal city.

Roma want to be part of the football elite. But in order to do so and fill the gap with the top Italian sides and the other European powerhouses, there’s the need to increase revenues.

Nobody knows if the club will have the possibility to make big investments in the next transfer window. Football pundits reported that during the first year, UEFA may allow a new owner to spend more than what his club earns. Will Friedkin go for that?

After several years, James Pallotta‘s project for the construction of a new stadium still doesn’t get a final green light. Although the approval process is still ongoing, Mr. Friedkin cannot rely only on that. New partnerships and sponsorships seem to be the only way to make more revenues and cope with the financial rules dictated by UEFA.

Stability is necessary to perform well in the long term. The extreme trading system implemented by the current management brought many good players to Trigoria but it also never made it possible to create a solid group capable of bringing trophies to the Italian capital.

When the team is heavily reshaped on a yearly basis, the group needs time to find the right balance on the pitch with a consequent loss of points. The fans of the Giallorossi want to win, this is not their whim but the healthy desire to excel and see their passion rewarded with moments of glory.

If The Friedkin Group will finalize the acquisition of Roma, it would be very interesting to see what their strategy will be. The club has great potential under several points of view. The importance and beauty of the city, the immense potential of the brand, the geographical position in Europe, the glorious history, these are all important aspects to further develop. But the reality is that what really attracts sponsors and fans are top players and victories.

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