UCL, Serie A, and future: Roma fans hoping for different strategies

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The team is dropping points and the Champions League is a mirage. Roma need support but their fans would deserve much more.

The club is passing through a very tough moment and the performances of the team on the pitch have been clearly ‘forgettable’. The fans are, therefore, hoping for a much rewarding future.

Nobody can blame them, the fans of the Giallorossi have been passionately following their team supporting their idols at Trigoria and in the stadiums throughout Italy but they often received not joys but disappointments.

They would like to see their club make that leap in quality to compete against the football powerhouses domestically and on the international stage. But the several moments of transition of the club over the years have always delayed the completion of a global strengthening program.

Nobody can say that James Pallotta didn’t solidify the club off the pitch. Nowadays, the Giallorossi have the solid foundation of a skyscraper but the fans also want to see something more enjoyable, a competitive team made of football stars.

It doesn’t matter that Roma have never had a story made of successes and trophies lifted to the sky. Times change and as Paulo Fonseca clearly stated since the beginning of the season, ambition and courage are necessary to change mentality and reach positive results.

Why can’t the Roma fans hope for a future of success? Growth processes are gradual but that initiated by Pallotta may hopefully be completed by Friedkin if the Californian tycoon will take over the club.

Although the financial factor is of primary importance for any company, when investments are made in football, the most tangible assets are the players.

Roma’s fans would deserve much more.

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