That Subtle Balance Between Victory and Defeat

Football is fantastic but sometimes incomprehensible. The balances on the field suddenly change like the judgments of the fans.

It can be said that this edition of the Champions League is the most exciting in the history of this incredible competition. But let’s try to find meaning in what we are seeing.

The quality level of the top teams has definitely narrowed. The tactical audacity of more or less emerging coaches has given Ajax and Tottenham the chance to pull out a sensational show.

The physical and mental qualities of the young players of the Dutch club have made us dream. But the experience of the British side then prevailed at the last breath.

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Now the question is…

Are top players the most important factor to reach the glory or is the coach the key piece to complete a marvelous puzzle?

To bring everything back to our football sphere, we are noticing that there are two emotional waves in the eternal city. Those who think that after Conte‘s refusal the club should bring another top manager. And those who, instead, believe that experienced players are the right choice to reach ambitious goals.

The Roma executives are facing the harsh reality of a city that no longer believes in their way of doing football. The extreme trading system implemented by Pallotta and his sporting directors has corroded an emotional relationship that now burst with disappointment from every pore.

What should the American investor do to recreate positive alchemy with the Romanistas?

Some believe that he should relaunch a project like Franco Sensi did when he brought Batistuta close to the Colosseum. Others are sure that a great coach can be enough to get back on track.

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Jim Pallotta is, therefore, facing that subtle balance between victory and defeat. All businesses have to face risks to improve but sometimes the financial factor could be irreparably affected if customers turn their backs on the product offered.

The history of Roma tells us that excitement and passion dragged the team beyond its limits. Hopefully, Pallotta has the strength and desire to recreate a positive environment that can push them towards success.

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