De Rossi-Roma: This Love Will Not End

Daniele De Rossi - AS Roma
Daniele De Rossi - AS Roma

This is a day of celebrations and recognition for a man who has given strong passionate feelings to an entire nation. De Rossi plays his last match with his beloved team but starts another chapter, a life full of love for Rome and Roma. 

We witnessed the infinite sadness for the departure of a fearless leader. A week of passion and sadness that gave everyone the chance to express words of love for a wise gladiator. But the story between Daniele and Rome will not end today, unlucky May 26th. It will have a break but will mature and develop with even more strength in the years to come.

“Never before have I felt your affection. It has overwhelmed me and filled my heart. Never before have I seen you so united for something,” wrote De Rossi in his marvelous open letter for the Roma fans. “Now, the greatest gift you can give me is to put aside anger and once again start blowing to push the only thing we care about, Roma!”

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Unconditional love. A feeling so beautiful that it can sometimes make us suffer terribly. But this love will not end! The purest feelings defy time and overcome the obstacles that life puts before us.

“I received the captain armband from a brother’s hands [Totti]. I return it to another brother [Florenzi] who I am sure is equally worthy of it,” continued De Rossi. “No one will ever love you more than me!”

This will be a day of love and joy. A day of pride and passion. This will simply be the initial moment of a new love story between De Rossi, Rome, and Roma. The legendary fan on the field takes off his shirt but soon he will write other indelible pages in a suit and tie.

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