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Problems cannot be solved with words but with targeted actions based on reality. The Roma project is complex and ambitious but clashes with the justified frustration of the fans.

The situation in the Italian capital is predictably complex after Roma’s burning defeat in the Derby della Capitale. Although the performance of the players cannot be justified, the real problem seems to be to identify the priorities of those who feed the passion for this magical team.

For the first time in a long time, the Roma fans are all united in judging negatively a project that does not fascinate them but that, instead, makes them feel in a prison of conflicting emotions. The harsh law of business and finance will never be able to converge with the desire for rustic football and victories of the fans.

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“They manage our team but our dreams are not tradable,” said many frustrated Roma fans who expressed their disappointment in the local Roman radios.

There are key aspects that can not be left out but which, instead, must be tackled with the utmost urgency. This club is not just a distraction for the fans of the eternal city. This team represents lifeblood for a vast population that dreams and lives this passion spasmodically.

This outburst of mine does not want to be a complaint addressed to Mr. Pallotta or the other Roma executives, but a sincere and honest summary of a sentimental and passionate situation that is at the base of all the problems that exist between the way of thinking and acting of the managers and that of the fans.

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If the sale of Nainggolan could have been a financial masterpiece, it has also turned into a lethally sentimental boomerang for the club of Trigoria. The Roman fans are rooted in their idols and all those who represent them with pride and passion. The project, as ambitious as it may be, is put into the background behind the strong desire to fight and believe in certain ideals.

Momentarily, the players wear the jersey without living it properly. As much as I can love the idea that in the future this sustainable project can lead to significant sporting results, the desire to see a competitive and respected team is superior. Life must be lived now, the present is what matters. The future is a variable that can not be totally planned. Live the passion of the fans to understand what is really important to them.

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