Roma Spent More Than Real Madrid in the Last Two Transfer Windows

The giallorossi have always been very active on the market. Roma invested more than Real Madrid in the last two available transfer windows albeit their results are disappointing.

There are different available approaches in the transfer market. Football powerhouses usually trade in and out fewer players while other clubs are very active heavily reshaping their rosters year after year. The main issue that we have analyzed several times has only one name, revenues.

The top European sides are money makers and bank millions of dollars from sponsorships. Roma, instead, are desperately trying to make that necessary leap in quality by building a new fancy and efficient facility in order to boost their revenues and reduce the gap with those football giants.

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Since Jim Pallotta‘s arrival, the best club of the Italian capital has improved. Their brand is expanding worldwide as also confirmed by their popularity on Twitter (the Roma account led by the master digital editor Paul Rogers is the best football account out there) and their recent sponsorship-deal with Qatar Airways.

In the last two transfer windows, Roma spent more than Real Madrid. The giallorossi poured into the market 224 million while the European champions 219m. But the Roma fans are disappointed. Their club never had a real chance to win something. Roma’s continuous revolution on the market has been labeled by their fans with a goliardic name, “the revolving doors’ approach.” According to them, one top player is traded out to make profits and a youngster comes in, this is not a good strategy to reach the glory.

In the two seasons under consideration, Roma finalized 119 arrivals and 99 departures while Real Madrid 31 and 22. This extreme player trading system is feasible but risky. But the Roma executives are competent enough to continue on this road sometimes dark and stormy.

Transfer Expenditures from 2017-18 until 2018-19

  1. Barcelona: 476m
  2. Chelsea: 461m
  3. PSG: 415m
  4. Juventus: 412m
  5. Manchester City: 388m
  6. Milan: 351m
  7. Liverpool: 350m
  8. Everton: 303m
  9. Manchester United: 281m
  10. AS Monaco: 264m
  11. Arsenal: 231m
  12. Atletico Madrid: 225m
  13. AS Roma: 224m

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