Monchi in Rome to Fix Numbers: But I’m Not a Magician

Monchi | AS Roma

Roma Sporting Director Monchi spoke to Sky Sport about his role at 360 degrees. The Spaniard believes in the project of the giallorossi and works hard to make it successful.

This is the moment to reorganize a group who lacks in consistency and quality. Di Francesco‘s men have a huge gap with Juventus and Napoli but their qualification to the Champions League edition 2019-20 is still possible.

Although the club has heavily operated on the transfer market last summer, the Roma Sporting Director has the task of inserting some new pieces into the group to complete a marvelous puzzle.

“During the summer or winter transfer windows, the entire world revolves around sporting directors. Everybody expects me to buy three or four players and that they will become important for the team. But I believe that the January transfer window cannot change a team that much,” said Monchi to the program “The Monchi Code” broadcasted by  Sky Sport.
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“If we have to purchase four or five players means that we made mistakes during the summer. But I would never sign a player that the coach doesn’t want or one that is requested by him but that I do not like. This is my way to work. Neither must impose their point of view, everything must be shared. There are 16 people working in my office, they work and travel a lot.”

The Spaniard understands the fans’ spasmodic desire for victory but he also clarified that his role is important and he has to take care of the economic factor.

“Fans are right, they want to win. Roma are a top club not only in Italy but in Europe as well. My feeling is that they are close to me but I cannot say much more about that. But it is true that we have to give them something too. They have not won for a long time so that [their disappoimtment] is normal.”

“I did not come here to sell Rudiger, Salah, Paredes, but to do my job and my job was sorting out the numbers. Last year, we took care of the numbers and we made normal sales. I just did what I thought was the best thing for the cub. I do not have a magic wand. I’ve always worked with young people, but also with players who are already complete.”

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