The Captain’s Anger Hits Italian Football

Francesco Totti - AS Roma
Francesco Totti - AS Roma

Francesco Totti and the other Roma executives are fed up with the VAR. The captain attacked the referees.

Roma-Inter has been a spectacular match but not for everyone. Surely, the Roma fans, players, and executives will have this game in mind for a long time.

The referees in charge of directing yesterday’s Serie A clash at the Stadio Olimpico seriously disappointed the legendary striker of the giallorossi. “Everyone saw what happened. It’s a shame. We wonder how the referees did not see such a foul,” said Francesco Totti to the Italian outlet Sky Sport right after the match.

Francesco Totti's selfie - AS Roma

The anger of the captain shook Italian football. “Why don’t they come here to explain something more? That was a very evident foul,” continued Totti.

The former number 10 of the Lupi pointed his finger at the referee in charge of the VAR, the new technology that should have advised Rocchi that something had happened.

Rocchi’s mistake is a secondary issue. Fabbri was watching another match. It’s not possible to go ahead on this way. We are laughing and joking but this is an important thing.”

This is the first time Totti led his beloved team from off the field. The participation in the European competitions are vital for clubs and Roma are not willing to fail to qualify to the Champions League due to others’ mistakes.

Although Di Francesco‘s side has been performing poorly since the beginning of the season, the club seems to be ready to fight to plead its rights.

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