The Immense Importance of the Champions League. Roma Make €50m

The international competition is a source of life for many European clubs. The Champions League brings fresh cash into their coffers. Roma have already made €50 million.

Although football fans hope for their beloved team to lead in their domestic championships, the truth is that the executives of the top European clubs are happier to make steps ahead internationally.

The main reason is simple, money. The Champions League is like a well with healthy water, a source of life that waters the thirsty. Every year,  clubs are fiercely battling to get a spot in the most important European competition in order to benefit from such a great wave of revenues.

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Since the beginning of the Champions League edition 2018-19, Roma made approximately 50 million. Thanks to the historical ranking of the last 10 years, Roma received 12.2m from UEFA. We can also add the group stage participation prize (15.3m), 8.1 million for the three victories in the five games played so far, and the first market pool prize (about 5m). To know the final amount of the market pool we have to wait for June because it is calculated on the basis of the games played by each side.

The qualification to the second round, instead, brings extra 9.5 million into the Roma coffers. The giallorossi have to travel to Plzen to play their last match of the group G. If Di Francesco‘s men will be able to defeat the local team (Viktoria Plzen), the club would get extra 2.7m. In that case, the overall amount banked by Mr.Pallotta‘s club would be 52.7 million.

This is why the Champions League is considered as important as an oasis with water and palm trees in the desert.

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