C. Zanetti: Roma Need Time. We Cannot Demand Everything Immediately

Former Roma midfielder Cristiano Zanetti spoke about the giallorossi and their role in the current campaign.

He won a legendary Scudetto in the eternal city. He worked hard to convince Fabio Capello to give him the necessary playing time to succeed in the Italian capital.

Cristiano Zanetti is now out of the world of football but he still follows the Italian championship. Roma are passing through tough moments but Zanetti firmly believes Di Francesco is the right coach for the Lupi.

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He is one of the best coaches in Italy. But the environment around him shouldn’t put so much pressure on him demanding everything immediately,” said the former midfielder to the AS Roma Match Program.

The team has a lot of talented players but they need time. Manolas said the same thing right after the match against Real Madrid. Likely, we will see Zaniolo, Kluivert, Cengiz, and Schick facing Inter. They are great prospects but they also need time to grow up and have experiences. There’s a difference between players in their 20s and those already in their 30s.

We cannot demand that Roma be as Juventus at this time. This team can and should fight for the qualification to the Champions League.

Spalletti’s side [Inter] seems to be physically and mentally ahead [of Roma] at this time. But Roma can play their fair match. I don’t see a difference on the field. These two teams are similar. It will be a balanced match,” stated Cristiano Zanetti.

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