Former Roma CEO Gandini: “We Work With People’s Emotion”

Umberto Gandini - AS Roma's CEO
Umberto Gandini - AS Roma's CEO

Umberto Gandini resigned from Roma a few weeks ago and spoke about Monchi, the club, and his future. The Italian executive firmly believes in the quality of the Spanish sporting director who joined the Lupi in 2017.

The former Roma CEO Gandini was recently interviewed by ‘Tutti Convocati’ a radio show broadcasted by Radio 24′ and retraced his career and adventure in the Italian capital.

“I had these experiences at Milan and Roma and now I am very pleased to be chased [by many other clubs]. Unfortunately, I left Rome, but I do not go back to Milan for many different reasons. I agreed with Gazidis and the club [AC Milan] that there are no conditions to join the club. So, I am on the market,” said Umberto Gandini.

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The former Roma executive worked with Monchi approximately for one season but he firmly believes in his talent. The Spaniard is a great professional well-known and appreciated by everyone.

“I worked with him a little over a season, but I also knew him before. Monchi is a great professional, very well prepared. He has a very wide knowledge of the players and above all has the ability to go looking for them. It’s easy to know a French world champion and take him to your midfield. But it’s hard to look for Cengiz Under and prove, after 6 months in which you defended him, that he is a very important player.”

“Monchi cares a lot about his methods, his vision. He develops a medium-term project. He wants to make Roma a team that tries to win one of the competitions in which it participates every year.”

“But let me say something…an extraordinary thing about this job is to have the great responsibility of working with people’s emotions. This is something that the owners must learn as soon as possible. I have spoken about this with the owners of Milan as well. We are too important for people’s everyday life,” concluded Gandini.

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