Fielding too Many Players is Detrimental to Performance

An analysis made on the efficiency of player turnover unveiled interesting scenarios.

Often we blame a coach for sticking too much with his 11 favorite starters and just a few extra men. When our beloved club passes through moments of physical deficiencies, we are ready to say that the coach is not implementing the right turnover.

But according to historical data, the most stable teams are also those who are able to collect the best results and win trophies.

No, we are not talking about player trading and profits. We have already done so in a recent article available below.

Roma One of the Most Stable Teams in Europe

We are focusing our attention on the real need and efficiency of replacing players week after week in order to not experience a drop of physical condition that might affect results.

By taking into consideration data from 13 seasons of the big-5 League, from 2005-2006 to 2017-18, we can definitely affirm that a high degree of turnover can negatively affect the performances of a team.

As reported by CIES football observatory, those clubs who fielded the highest number of players in the period under consideration have also passed through difficult moments.

The research highlights that Benevento (season 2017-18), Fulham (2013-14), Parma (2014-15), Pescara (2012-13), Metz (2007-08), and Sassuolo (2013-14) have used respectively 41, 39, 38, 38, 38, and 38 players over a season but, at the end of that, almost all of them have been relegated.

It is clear that sticking with a core group of players seems to be the best solution.

In the current 2018-19 campaign, Roma‘s Eusebio Di Francesco has fielded too many players in order to find the right tactical approach. The terrible start of the season of the giallorossi confirmed that a group must play together often to optimize performance.

Therefore, we can affirm that a very high player turnover has a detrimental effect on teams.

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