De Rossi, His Present, and Future as a Coach

Daniele De Rossi - AS Roma
Daniele De Rossi - AS Roma

The captain of the giallorossi De Rossi analyzes the years spent in Rome, the current season, and his future.

Daniele De Rossi might be remembered as a top midfielder but also as a man able to impress with his deep thoughts.

Although in the past decade he had Francesco Totti‘s shadow ahead of him, the Italian player had been good enough to feature his great personality and honesty on and off the field.

“I’ve always been a serious professional but nowadays I have more awareness of myself. I take care of particulars and this is why my last few seasons have been positive,” said Daniele De Rossi to Roma TV.

“Over the years many things have changed Nowadays, Trigoria is very beautiful. I did so many retreats here [at Trigoria]. I’m having a lot of fun in the last period. Perhaps because I am more mature and I have finally understood how to live this profession and my tight bond with this team.”

De Rossi was also asked about his future and the Roma captain has honestly admitted:

“You guys have to get used to this [his career is not going to be very long]. But Roma goes ahead as it did after Di Bartolomei, Conti, and Giannini. We are moving forward even without Francesco [Totti]. Perhaps, that is the most painful thing. So, the team can go ahead without me as well.”

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The former Italy international has also mentioned that he would like to coach in the future.

“I do not want to be a burden. I have clear in my mind my next few years. But I won’t unveil anything because I want to have the freedom to change idea. I’m a little egotistical in this. I have a great passion for this sport and that is the only role in which I can see myself in the future [he wants to become a coach]. I just have to understand if I want my family to suffer the stress of results and relocations,” concluded the legendary Roma midfielder.

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