Roma Play Without Joy and Pain

The giallorossi don’t have a soul and a united spirit. Di Francesco is called to a prompt reaction.

This is the moment to do something to change the route of a ship that is rapidly sinking. The managers of the club have punished the roster with a retreat at Trigoria but the next match against Frosinone cannot change much.

The team plays without joy and pain. The faces of the Roma players are unhappy and detached. Apparently, a win or a defeat doesn’t change anything for a group completely demotivated.

Eusebio Di Francesco should be replaced because of what he said in the post Bologna-Roma interviews. The Italian coach clearly stated that he doesn’t know what to do anymore. “I am getting crazy because over the summer we had time to train altogether. But the tactical approach dies when there’s no desire to defend.

Di Francesco Attacks: “The Tactical Approach Dies When There is no Desire to Defend”

Di Francesco honestly admitted “Everybody says that we need to work hard. Every coach works but I didn’t find the solution at this time”.

When a coach cannot find the right solution after 4 months of training it is the moment to replace him. EDF is not the only one responsible for this situation. But football is fierce and the coach always pays for everyone.

Pallotta, Monchi, and Baldissoni cannot hope for a miraculous change. The feeling between the players and Di Francesco seems to be over.

Roma need to qualify for the Champions League next season as well. Under an economic and brand expansion point of view, the Lupi need international visibility. The giallorossi need to play in the football elite. This is what Pallotta wants. This is what the fans are asking for.

The roster is full of talent. Probably a new coach could be able to find the right tactical alchemy.

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