Roma Invest €800m but their Fans are Unhappy

AS Roma supporters
AS Roma supporters

The giallorossi spent heavily on the transfer market in the last nine years but their business strategy is criticized.

There are two schools of thought in the Italian capital, those who believe that President Pallotta is working hard to strengthen the club and those who, instead, believe that the American investor is simply using Roma as a financial instrument to make profits.

It’s inconfutabile that the club heavily invests purchasing players on a yearly basis, but the economic prospect released by ‘CIES football observatory’ today unveiled the other side of the coin as well.

In the period from 2010 to 2018, Roma are in the 9th position for investments made by clubs in the transfer market. The Lupi have spent 809 million, slightly less than the world-champion Real Madrid (912m) and more than Atlético Madrid (764m).

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The club that is leading the group is Manchester City (1,470m) followed by Chelsea (1,310m) and Barcelona (1,258m).

On the basis of these figures, the Roma fans should be happy, instead, their are currently furious for a trading strategy that seems to be extreme and not efficient.

By reading the fees banked by the club of Trigoria in the last 9 years, we can easily understand the reason why the Roma fans disagree with Pallotta’s way to do business.

Roma are the third club who banked the most in the period under observation, 680m. Mónaco (950m) and Liverpool FC (683m) are the only two powerhouses ahead of the most important club of the Italian capital.

Although Mr. Pallotta is creating an enterprise able to generate profits, attract sponsors, and be competitive, the fans are still not understanding his way to manage their historical football team.

The results on the pitch are not positive at this time and the Bostonian investor will be struggling until a trophy crosses the gate of the Trigoria training center. Only an outstanding 2018-19 campaign will wipe out this widespread disappointment.

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