Production Index: Napoli and Roma Outranked Juventus

The 2017-18 campaign is over and this is the moment to summarize what happened using data. The production index confirms that Napoli and Roma ‘produced’ more than the Bianconeri this season.

Football is something weird. It’s a marvelous sport albeit, sometimes, it’s not explicable just focusing on numerical data. The final outcome of a match can change due to a lucky deflection of a shot or thanks to the mental strength of a side more experienced in playing important matches.

By analyzing what has been called the ‘Production Index‘, we certainly note that the Italian Serie A represents an exception to the numerical data provided.

According to ‘CIES football observatory’, a virtual table elaborated on the basis of a production index can explain the ability of a side to maximize its opportunities on the field. The three key performance indicators under observation are the following:

  1. Shots conceded from the box;
  2. Shots attempted from the box;
  3. Percentage of possession.

In Italy, runners-up Napoli (+59%) and Roma (+38%; -1) outranked Juventus (+38%; +2). Although the Bianconeri dominated the past seven edition of the Italian league, according to CIES, Napoli (9.9) and Roma (9.4) made a higher number of shots per match from the box than Juventus (7.6).

Di Francesco‘s side, though, has suffered too many shots from the box (6.1 per match) while Napoli and Juventus have been much more solid defensively speaking (4.2 and 4.1).


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