Barcelona-Roma: Financial Review

Roma needs to do magic to get to the next round of the Champions League. A financial comparison highlights the difference between these two clubs.

The Champions League quarterfinals are about to get underway. The giallorossi already landed in Spain to face Valverde‘s side.

Over the years, we have noticed that the most dominant clubs are the most successful as well. Real Madrid and Barcelona are great examples to confirm this trend. If we rely only on financial data, Roma does not seem to have any hope of passing this double challenge unscathed. According to the enterprise value of the clubs updated to January 1, 2018, and released by ‘KPMG Football Benchmark’, Barcelona is worth €2.765 billion while Roma €453 million.

The huge financial difference between these two football giants is impressive even by analyzing the market value of the squads in March 2018 (Barcelona €957m; Roma €345m).

Barcelona and Roma’s 2016-17 operating revenues are quite different as well. The Blaugrana totaled €643m (matchday+broadcasting+commercial) while the Lupi only €175m. As reported by ‘KPMG Football Benchmark’, “A high share of Broadcasting rights in total revenues is also a trademark of smaller clubs: AS Roma (60%) and Sevilla FC (76%) confirm this finding, mainly depending on the appeal of their domestic leagues and UEFA competition participation.”

In conclusion, due to failure to participate in last year’s Champions League, Roma is the only club, in the top 8 of Europe, showing a pre-tax loss (€-36m; Barcelona €31m).

The power of a club is also given by its follower base. Barcelona extends its domination on Roma on the social media field (214 million between Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube; Roma 13m).

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