Pallotta: “Roma is not a SuperMarket”

Roma’s president spoke to the US broadcaster ‘Sirius XM Radio’ in reference to the business strategies of the club and the new stadium.

CHAMPIONS LEAGUE“I couldn’t have been happier after the drawings. I firmly believe that we can face everyone as we demonstrated against Chelsea, Atletico Madrid, and Shakhtar. I am pretty confident against Barcelona as well. Obviously, they are an incredible team with a lot of talent. Messi is not the only star. That being said, from now on, every match is important to qualify for the Champions League, so I do not want distractions. I don’t think my players have something less than those of Barcelona. We cannot let them exploit our mistakes. We have to play for 90 minutes. I think that our guys are ready to play but this week we only have to think to Bologna.”

TRANSFER MARKET“Things are not easy when a player moves. It’s frustrating when people say that Roma is a supermarket. Let me give you an example. Salah is doing great things in the Premier League. He wanted to leave and his contract with us was not long enough. We couldn’t do anything different. There are things going on in the backstage and people are not aware of them. We are not only trying to sell players.”

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STADIO DELLA ROMA“A few things must be formalized but everything has been approved and accepted. Our goal is to obtain the financing within six months. Bankers are working on that. We are trying to break ground before the end of the year. 26-28 months should be necessary to build the stadium and the entertainment facilities, but everything is proceeding. Everything seems to be ok. We made an offer for the Colosseum but we haven’t reached an agreement [laughing]. The Colosseum is huge but our stadium would not fit in it.”

PLAY INTO THE COLOSSEUM“One day, we could try to draft a project for a charity event, for instance, a Roma-Barcelona. We would love to have a smaller field to use for events to collect funds for young people in the youth sector. The City Hall told me that they would be interested in something like that. Let’s think about the pay-per-view market of a Roma-Barcelona friendly match at the Colosseum. It would be amazing. Thousands of people from around the world would pay a small amount to watch it. Some money could be used for the monuments, but the rest could go to foundations for children.”

MONCHI“He needed a bit of time to understand the new environment because Roma is not easy with all the media. Sevilla is different. He joined us at the end of the last season not having enough time on the market. He needed to do an overall clean up implementing his procedures. We have been unlucky due to a few injuries but Kolarov had a great year and Under is starting to play really well. He scored a very nice goal with Turkey. Under is locked with us. We have a five-year contract with the player. Alisson‘s situation is similar. I’ve been a fan of Alisson since day one. I am very happy that he is demonstrating his value, he is incredible. Monchi had to face several Fair Play issues. We still have work to do but we identified many elements to improve the team in the next five years. There’s a reciprocal good relationship between us.”

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