Infantino: “VAR, A Positive Impact on Football”

FIFA’s president Infantino released an interview with the Italian outlet ‘MEDIASET’, speaking about the VAR and the Italian football federation.

“It is a historic moment for football. After decades of discussions, debates and controversy, it was finally decided to introduce this technology to help the referees make the best decisions. It is a choice that has a positive impact on football,” said Infantino.

“The decision to use the VAR at the World Cup should be taken on March 16th, when a meeting of the FIFA Council, which is the competent body for deciding on competition regulations, will be held in Bogota. I’m very supportive. I was very skeptical two years ago, but we have tried it and seen that it works. Statistics say that accuracy improved from 93% to 99%.”

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Gianni Infantino also spoke about the reconstruction of Italian football. Although Italy failed to qualify for the upcoming World Cup, FIFA’s president believes that something has changed.

“The fact that Italy will not play the next World Cup is a big issue for the Italian football movement. It’s necessary to work hard to restart on the right path. In Italy, there are passion, talent, and facilities. Personal interests must be put aside to think about the interests of the Italian football movement. Italy deserves to be one of the top national teams. Now there are competent people and FIFA is always available to help. The world needs a strong Italy,” concluded Infantino.

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