Glimmers of Hope: Monchi’s View of the UCL Draw

The Spaniard was interviewed by the Spanish radio station ‘Cadena Cope’. He analyzed the recent Champions League draw.

Ramon Rodriguez Verdejo Monchi seems to be already set to face Barcelona. Roma‘s sporting director spread positive words about the upcoming great clash against Valverde‘s side.

This is what he said…

UCL DRAW“Initially, I thought that we were not lucky. But immediately after, I focused on the game. We have to prepare it in the best possible way. We must try to do something difficult, something that nobody imagines. Immediately after the draw, you think about the future.”

BARCELONA“They are the favorite team. But it doesn’t mean that they are sure to pass to the next round. They just have more possibilities than us. We have to give our best to dream. I can’t talk about percentages, 80-20% or 70-30%. We are among the best 8 European clubs, so we can dream. We will get ready to realize this dream.”

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VALVERDE’S 4-4-2“They are very balanced with this tactical approach. But Messi makes the difference. When he is physically at the top, his team is almost undefeatable.”

CHOOSE A BARCELONA PLAYER“Can I get only one of them? [laughing]. I would say Ivan Rakitic. He is playing a great season. Barcelona has many players that would make a sporting director happy. It’s tough to choose just one of them.”

TICKET PRICES“Roma is a team with many followers. I come from a club where the fans have always been there, but it’s unbelievable here. In Crotone, they were in 2,000. If the prices are normal, a sector of 4,000-5,000 seats will be certainly full. I agree with these requests [Il Romanista sent a letter to Barcelona to lower the price of the tickets]. Apparently, it is a problem of the hosting club. It’s always great when many fans are at the stadium.”

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