Gandini: “With Stadium Our Revenues In Line With Juventus”

Umberto Gandini - AS Roma's CEO
Umberto Gandini - AS Roma's CEO

Roma CEO Umberto Gandini held a lesson on the financial fair play at ‘La Sapienza’ University in Rome.

The director spoke about the effects of the FFP and the construction of the new stadium in Rome.

“First of all, we have to make a great distinction. The revenue pie is divided by revenues from matches, revenues from TV rights and a general part known as a commercial area. The revenues from the transfer market should also be taken into consideration,” said Gandini.

“Nowadays, teams are no longer selling to break even but to become more competitive. Global brands can do marketing and commercial activities because they are not only targeting the domestic market but the global as well.”

Stadio Della Roma
Stadio Della Roma – (Photo by Stadio della Roma)

The Stadio della Roma project is very close to the final approval by the Italian institutions. Gandini is confident that this facility will minimize the gap between Roma and Juventus.

“We plan to start digging for the new stadium within the year. We expect to achieve revenues in line with those of Juventus, which then grow over the years. The Roman market cannot be compared to the London one. Both in numerical terms and in terms of spending capacity. If we bring the Emirates stadium to Rome or Milan the numbers would be lower.”

“Football has a prerogative…many clubs participate but only one wins and takes everything. Whoever wins the Champions League collects huge revenues. But before the implementation of the FFP, losses were generated by an indiscriminate expense of the shareholders desperately chasing a dream. High-level teams are increasingly competitive and therefore have higher revenues. But European football gives you hope. Everyone has a percentage to get to the end. But we know that there are those 10 teams that always win. But football is not an exact science and those who have the highest turnover not always win,” concluded the Roma director.

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