Lexical and Strategic Divergences Between Totti and Pallotta

Francesco Totti - AS Roma
Francesco Totti - AS Roma

The former Roma captain participated to ‘I Signori del Calcio’, a TV program broadcasted by Sky Italia, and explained how he sees football.

When Francesco Totti is on air the Roma world is in silence paying attention to every single word. The legend of the club and of the eternal city turns on the light on a matter so dear to the fans.
“I gave my best for Roma putting it ahead of my private life. –said the former captain. – I grew up on the field and I will die there”.

“Important players are necessary to win. I would spend any money, but it is the president who decides”.

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This is an incredible bond between a man, a club, and a city. Totti has been more than a captain for the giallorossi and nowadays he is more than a director. His words are bombastic. Totti spoke about a very delicate topic going against the general thinking of the Roma management.

A few hours ago, Eusebio Di Francesco highlighted that the club is working hard to reorganize its accounts and the sale of players is a way to speed up this process. Although the Italian coach would be happy to train the same players for a few years limiting the transfer market operations, Di Francesco knows that Monchi will go ahead trading players before June 30, 2018, the date when the financial year must be closed with a positive balance.

Therefore, Francesco Totti seems to distance himself from a project that does not match his football ideas. Will Pallotta be happy about his words? Probably not!

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