Alisson is the Messi of Goalkeepers

Alisson - AS Roma
Alisson - AS Roma

Former Roma goalkeepers’ trainer Roberto Negrisolo pointed out that Alisson Becker is a top world player. The Brazilian is an extraordinary talent.

The Italian magazine ‘Il Romanista’ recently interviewed Negrisolo asking him to highlight Alisson’s skills. The trainer is simply amazed by the Brazil International.

“Alisson is worth more than 50 million euro at this time. Not everyone understood the real qualities of this player. He is a phenomenon.

Alisson Becker - AS Roma
Alisson Becker – AS Roma

Alisson is really impressive, his balance and position are great. He always knows what to do. He reminds me Zoff but he is better than the Italian in everything else. I would say that he is also similar to another great keeper, Preud’Homme.

When he joined Roma the Brazilian was already a good player. However, he improved a lot in the last few years. Savorani did a great job with him. Alisson is now a phenomenon. The giallorossi should not sell him. He is a hero for the fans and a precious player for the future.

His mind is that of a trainer. You can understand everything when you see him holding the ball.”

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