VAR Is Saving Italian Football

Although this technology is criticized on a daily basis, it is saving the Italian football from several mistakes. The current outcome is positive.

The implementation of this innovative technology in the Italian football drastically reduced the margins of errors of the referees but fans are still not happy with it.

Although VAR is doing great things in the Serie A, several football pundits and fans are unhappy with the overall outcome. Italian newspaper ‘Il Messaggero’ highlighted that the current Serie A standings would have been different without the use of technology. Reportedly, Juventus would have been in the first position three points ahead of Napoli while Roma and Lazio would be in the third and fourth spot ahead of Inter.

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The recent case at the Stadio Olimpico in Rome where two goals of the giallorossi against Sassuolo were denied highlights the importance of this new technology. Dzeko and Florenzi‘s goals were justly disallowed by the referee. This fact has angered the Roma fans but VAR is disappointing the supporters all over Italy as well. However, we have to analyze the overall scenario and see the big picture.

VAR is saving Italian football from possible human mistakes. Although a few players have spoken badly about this technology, it is important to diminish the number of unfair decisions on the field.

Reportedly, VAR is correcting about 3.5 mistakes per matchday. This is a huge factor to take into account. These mistakes have changed the final outcome of seasons for years.

I am not stating that in the last six campaigns Juventus didn’t deserve the victory. I am just pointing out that several other positions in the Serie A standings could have been different. The current football is not a game anymore but widely recognized as a great business. The qualification to the Champions League changes the overall strategies of clubs due to the related revenues associated with the most important European competition for clubs.

VAR is doing great things in the Italian football and this technology should be praised rather than criticized.

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