Tottenham Practices Pallotta’s Business Model

Stadio Della Roma
Stadio Della Roma

The construction of a new facility brings immense benefits to the club. A business that could be profitable every day of the week. Tottenham monetizes in Pallotta style.

A business model is a complex process in which business strategies are defined. It describes how an organization creates and captures value delivering services. When the Roma president Jim Pallotta presented his new project for the Stadio della Roma, he carefully explained the potential of such a great facility. The stadium is not an entity detached from the urban decor operative once or twice a week. It is a money making machine for the sake of the ownership. Although those who want to think badly have always said that Pallotta is the only beneficiary of this project because he will retain the revenue, the mayor of Rome and the head of urban planning in the capital of Italy have explained that the new facility is bound to the club for several years. Problem solved!

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In one of the several interviews released by the Bostonian investor in Rome, it was highlighted that this facility will be the stage of many other events during the years. Stadio della Roma will not only be the headquarter of the Lupi but a source of attraction for millions of people. Concerts, soccer matches, and athletics competitions will be scheduled at Tor di Valle. These events will bring enormous profits to the giallorossi and to the city as well.

Reportedly, Tottenham is already monetizing on its new stadium even if it is still under construction. As featured by Italian financial outlet ‘Milano Finanza’, the British side is already bringing cash into its coffers. Although Harry Kane & Co. are currently playing at Wembley, a ‘neutral facility’, the management is scheduling events that will take place at the glorious White Hart Lane, the facility that is undergoing a restoration.

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On October 14, 2018, Spurs’ new stadium will be the stage of the American football match Oakland Raiders vs Seattle Seahawks valid for the USA Football League. It has already been a few years that football franchises have been playing a few matches in London. Tottenham Hotspurs has, therefore, announced the match and begun the sale of tickets. By doing so, the British giant is already banking on a stadium that is still under construction. The new White Hart Lane will be a true jewel of technology.

Returning to the Roma stuff, Jim Pallotta knows how to monetize on a facility. Speaking about his project, the American investor has always featured the unbelievable economic injection that such a technological complex can bring to the club. Americans are masters of making appropriate business models and the Roma president is aware that his club will be able to become a global soccer superpower only by owning a facility. This is what he reaffirmed yesterday in London at the event “Leaders in Sports – Meet Innovation”.

“You can not be a global brand without owning a stadium. – said the Roma president.”

Tottenham is putting into practice what Pallotta has said. Perhaps, those that are still skeptical will change their minds!

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