Roma Teaches Behavioral Methods to Improve Efficency

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The world of football seems to be a paradise with no drawbacks but the reality is different and must be changed to improve efficiency.

Nowadays, football is not only a sport, we know that, right? Some believe that it is solely a business while others are sure that those involved in this apparent ‘virtual reality’ are just spoiled actors. Although most of those living in the ‘normal’ society do not have the same luck of exercising the profession they love, the reality lays in the middle and cannot be extremized. Players and managers are living their dream but this status of perfection must be honored with appropriate behavioral approaches.

Recently, the Roma management decided to sit one of their best players on the roster in the stands. An unlucky concomitance of facts reserved a bad surprise to the team of the Italian capital. The Lupi lost their home match against Atalanta and the supporters fiercely reacted flooding the social networks with disappointed comments and analysis, to say the least.

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Radja Nainggolan was guilty of not having professional behavior during the past holidays. The video that he released on a social channel was shameful and not respectful of his obligations as a football star adored and followed by the young. Although his gestures off the pitch sometimes can be extreme, the Belgian was justly punished by his supervisors. Roma is teaching a behavioral method to improve efficiency.

The sports result is merely only a consequence of great skills demonstrated on a field. There is much more behind the performance of a group of players and their achievements. In the last decade, Roma has not been featured as a European top side due to its achievements, even because the giallorossi haven’t lift any trophies since the Capello‘s era. The club is considered a football giant due to its strategic approach and developments implemented over these years. Pallotta and his collaborators were not lucky enough to put something in the trophy room but they are constantly improving the efficiency and sustainability of the club with targeted actions.
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One of these actions is definitely the implementation of a behavioral method that must be respected by its players. Roma is committed to changing the culture and the approach of those athletes willing to join the team of the Italian capital. These professionals must agree to set behavioral rules or they will be traded out otherwise. This methodology must be applied to each player, with no distinction of importance. This is the right method to change the culture within a football club that is waiting for too long to reach the success.

The defeat suffered against Atalanta at the Stadio Olimpico cannot decentralize the main topic under observation. The three points are a consequence of a perfect implementation of strategic behavioral approaches. By not following this path, a group of professionals could have the perception to be working in an unregulated environment in which everyone can do whatever he prefers. A sort of no rule limbo that would lack in efficiency. Nainngolan’s exclusion from the last Serie A match is another good step toward the realization of a big project, the behavioral development of a club that wants to reach the top of Italian and international football.

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