Roma, Improvisation or Calculated Chaos?

AS Roma fans
AS Roma fans

Roma is trying to monetize while Chelsea seems to be upset for the delays in the closing of the double deal.

What Roma is doing is already an anomaly for a top European club but the current situation is weird and worrying. January is almost over, Palmieri and Dzeko’s deals are not officially sealed and the Lupi are reportedly chasing several players to make their coach happy, or it would be better to say less upset.

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In the last press conference, Di Francesco clearly blamed the club for the January trading of players. “I cannot say anything about these situations. I just have to cope with what happens. – said the Italian coach.”

His words disappointed the Roma fans which now believe that their new coach has not the power to revert the decisions of the management even if these choices can compromise his future in the Italian capital. It is a matter of reputation. How can a coach agree with a trade out that could damage his career? No one knows the answer and this is scary.

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On the trading side, the situation is quite messy. Roma’s Brazilian defender and the Bosnian striker know that their future is away from the Colosseum. However, they are still training in Rome waiting for the moment to fly to London. This moment of uncertainty compromises their performance on the field and Roma as a team competing for the Champions League. Paradoxically, even if these two negotiations with Chelsea would stop, the support that these players could provide to the giallorossi in this second part of the season would be limited. A proper mental approach is key for any employees to perform well.

This is not just a matter of trading players or a strategic financial plan. By doing so, the club is compromising its technical future. Nowadays, football is not only played on the field but even behind the desks of accountants. Not everything can be traded in and out without consequences.

A team is made of several players with ambitions, objectives, and feelings. How is the Roma roster perceiving this extreme trading strategy that the management is implementing? Reportedly, they are quite skeptical and this is another negative factor that could compromise this season as well as Di Francesco’s future. But if the Italian coach cannot do anything to change the route of this ship and if Monchi is a mere executor of a financial plan led by Pallotta, we just have to wait for the end of the storm to assess the overall damage, if any, of these actions.

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