Roma and Its Diabolical Meaningless Mechanism

Eusebio Di Francesco - AS Roma

Roma suffers another burning defeat losing contact with the top Serie A sides complicating its future. A bad performance for the Lupi that surrendered to Atalanta.

By taking into consideration the last seven matches Roma scored only five goals and constantly underperformed. Di Francesco seemed to be in total tactical confusion playing five offensive players altogether when 25 minutes of the second half were still left. The Roma fans are already flooding the social networks incriminating the choices of their coach reminiscent of Carlos Bianchi, the Argentine trainer who disappointed everyone during his experience with the side of the Italian capital.

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In the last ten years, Roma constantly experienced moments of total breakdown, a diabolic meaningless mechanism that makes the ambitions of this club disappear. Although we have just began the new year, the ghosts of the past still oppress the Lupi.

The giallorossi seem to no longer believe in what they do on the field. Di Francesco’s men are confused and unable to create dangerous opportunities. Their main characteristic demonstrated during the first three months of the season, the ability to pressure the opponents moving the defensive line forward, completely disappeared. By not doing so, the midfield suffers not being able to cover the spaces and support the offensive phase.

Roma is struggling, the team is experiencing an overall breakdown.

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