Could The Meeting In London Have Unexpectedly Left Roma Managers Perplexed?

Di Francesco Eusebio - AS Roma head coach

The Giallorossi can only lick their wounds after the burning Serie A home defeat against Sampdoria but Di Francesco’s moment of silence after a question leaves doubts.

Can a simple post match question unveil the truth about this terrible period for Roma? It may be.

Right after the 0-1 suffered at the Stadio Olimpico on Sunday, the Roma coach expressed his disappointment for the performance of his guys. He blamed a questionable approach and a shocking inefficiency in scoring goals. He also highlighted that he will change something to put his group back on the right path.

Although the Italian coach diplomatically answered as expected, his silence after a question during the interview released to ‘Sky Italia’ may have unveiled the dark side of this moment for the Lupi.

“Is it possible that from the meeting in London the management returned to Rome with unexpected news? Something that not even you could have imagined, right when a further effort for the Scudetto race was necessary? – said a commentator.”

This question left Di Francesco surprised. Although an employee cannot totally reveal if there’s a misunderstanding between top managers and staff, his hesitant and evasive answer has probably discovered a flaw in the Roma system.

“I don’t know that. – said Di Francesco. We have to perform better. I don’t want to talk about the transfer market because I am not in charge of that. I have to stay concentrated on the team. We have the potential to reach at least the fourth place in the standings.”

Is it possible that President Pallotta unfolded a different economic strategy to his managers to respect the financial fair play rules and to cover other costs? It may be. This would even justify Monchi’s delays in the closing of a few negotiations. If the club must trade out top players the Spaniard needs time to find adequate replacements.

Di Francesco’s hesitation could have unveiled his disappointment and shock when he realized that he was told something different when he accepted to lead this group.

What should he do at this time?

He should go ahead with his work if he believes that the management will support him even without the qualification for the next Champions League. Otherwise, he should resign to not damage his image as a talented and young coach with winning ambitions.

The actual Roma moment is very complicated on and off the field. If the President and the managers are not riding the same wave this season can already be considered over.

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