Biases Kill The Development Process

Curva Sud - AS Roma
Curva Sud - AS Roma

There’s a weird habit in the Italian capital. When a player or a coach is not well-known automatically he is labeled ‘pippa’ (a Roman way to say that someone is inadequate to the role).

Over the years, several players passed through the Caudine forks of the passionate football lovers. Although quite often these biases were just a matter of a little knowledge of the professionals under evaluation, this skeptical approach has compromised the performances of several athletes.

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The past year, Gerson was labeled ‘pippa’ due to his inefficiency on the field. Most of those who were criticizing the Brazilian blindly expressed their opinion on something beyond reproach.  In fact, the midfielder collected only a few minutes during the whole season and he was inappropriately played in the toughest away match of the year against Juventus.

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This negative approach towards the ‘unknown’ was confirmed this year as well. Eusebio Di Francesco was practically judged as an inadequate coach weeks before he actually signed a contract with the Lupi.

“He doesn’t have the temperament and charisma needed to manage such a top stars – said several fans and football analysts.”

Today, Roma is still celebrating the qualification to the next round of the Champions League. Although in the Serie A the giallorossi are currently sitting in the 4th position, Di Francesco’s men have one match in hand and with a victory, they would fill the gap with Juventus remaining just three points behind Inter.

Several other examples could be mentioned such as Dzeko, Kolarov, and Palmieri but the scope of this article is just to highlight that biases kill the development process of the professionals who only deserve to demonstrate their qualities. A professional can be labeled ‘pippa’ only after having disappointed the crowd while on the job.

A behavioral change would be highly appreciated for the sake of Roma.

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