Monchi’s Scouts Watch 600 Matches a Year

Curva Sud
Curva Sud

Roma‘s sporting director Monchi is widely considered the best professional in his role. The Spaniard implemented a very profitable and efficient scouting process.

It’s not easy to find the right players around the globe. Although millions of footballers are out there, a professional scout needs to find the right talent for a determined roster.

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For several years, Monchi did great things at Sevilla FC and nowadays he is working hard for the Roma sake.

The coordinator of the Roma scouts around the world, Vallone, has released a long interview with ‘AFP’ explaining Monchi’s strategy.

“We watch 600 matches a year! Although the head coach is constantly in contact with the sporting director, his role is to train the players. The sporting director decides which players must be trained.

Monchi supervises every transfer market strategy. He does so by phone or via email.

We focus on a wide number of leagues from the first tier to the fourth league. We receive several names and then we filter those players on the basis of our needs.

Nowadays, there are nine scouts working for us plus a coordinator for the first squad. Two coordinators and a scout for each region under observation are dedicated to the youth teams.”

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