Giordano: “One day, even Lazio fans will understand what Totti did for Rome”

The iconic former Lazio striker Bruno Giordano praised Totti and spoke about his possible move to Roma.

There are normal players, great footballers, and real champions out there. Bruno Giordano can definitely be included in the third category. The former Lazio player was a hell of a striker and we have to admit it even if he became an iconic idol for those on the other side of the Tiber.

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In a recent interview released to ‘Il Venerdi di Repubblica‘, Giordano reported on his possible move to Roma and spoke about the legendary captain of the giallorossi Francesco Totti.

“I am nostalgic, perhaps because a few things of the period when I was playing were better than what is happening now. I preferred when all matches were played simultaneously. We were anxious to know the results of our competitors.

I also preferred less foreign players and more local guys very attached to their nation and team.

I remember the goliardic supporters that were making fun of each other. It was great but then Paparelli died and violence triggered in that terrible derby in 1979.

Totti? One day, even Lazio fans will understand what Totti did for Rome.  ”

I still remember when Chinaglia wanted to sell me to Roma. I told him…are you crazy?”


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