Nainggolan praises Di Francesco

Radja Nainggolan - AS Roma
Radja Nainggolan - AS Roma

Roma‘s midfielder Radja Naingoolan was interviewed by the new magazine ‘Il Romanista’. The Belgian star believes in the quality of his coach.

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“There are too many rumors about him out there. They tried to put Pallotta in the middle of this situation too but he never said something bad about the coach. Di Francesco has his idea of football and the players are following his directions. Whoever is saying that we are not happy with him is saying rubbish. A few important players have left the club and when you change a lot then you need time to find the right balance.

I don’t care where I am playing. It doesn’t make any difference for me if I am playing 10 meters forward or behind. I am not denying that I did great things last season. I scored many goals and played great matches but I always played as a pure midfielder in my career so I just have to get used to the role once again.

Now, it’s the moment to win the next few matches. Verona is coming to Rome after having conceded 5 goals in their home match. They don’t have anything to lose but we have to play well and demonstrate that we are able to play great football.”

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