Serie A is ready to begin. Overall analysis of AS Roma!

Just days away from the start of the season, AS Roma is looking to make waves this year and possibly if all goes to plan, put the pieces together. After placing second last season, the ninth time since the 2001-2002 campaign, there are a lot of unanswered questions that could propel Roma to all sorts of potential hardware this season.

The Stadio della Roma question is still hanging in the air, but if the ground can be broken this season, it might be just the momentum boost amongst the fans and team alike that could lead to all sorts of results. The uncertainty of this issue has clearly been a black mark on the Pallotta regime and if they can finally get the city of Rome to understand the importance of this project, it might close a door that has been letting in doubts for years.

AS Roma fans
AS Roma fans

The UEFA Champions League campaign this season will be a true indicator as to whether or not  Monchi’s plan to revamp and reload was successful. An offseason that saw the departure of some staples of the Roman line up, was equally matched by the off-season acquisitions, boosting the pedigree of the team as a whole. Losses like Salah and Szczesny were offset by the signings of Unger and Defrel, as well as players like Alisson moving to the first team. If these new additions can offset the added workload of the extra games, Roma could find themselves moving to the knock out round of UCL with several games in the group stage remaining.

Daniele De Rossi will finally show everyone in the world what every Roma fan has known for years. He is one of the best center backs in the world. The whole Totti/De Rossi issue is a complicated one and it has clearly had implications on the team over the last few years. His leadership and role as “Il Futuro Capitano’, has always been overshadowed by Totti, a great inspiration, and leader in his own right. Now as De Rossi finds himself the sole heir to the captains’ armband and without that shadow of one of Italy’s greatest, he can rule unequivocally, as the new Re di Roma. This has been something that will hopefully be visible from the first game of the season with De Rossi commanding the respect and hard play of his teammates.

Eusebio Di Francesco, a former Scudetto winner with AS Roma, finds himself at the helm of a team that has the talent, optimism, and opportunity, to make 2017/18 a historical season. Putting aside his relationship with the team as a former player, he is bringing new, fresh eyes to a Serie A puzzle that has been anything but solvable for the better part of a decade. His track record as a coach in Serie A with Sassuolo, prior to his arrival in the capital for this upcoming season, is nothing less than impressive. Taking a perpetual Series B or C team all the way to the top division, and then even further by placing 6th and getting into Europa, is an incredible accomplishment. Hopefully, EDF will be able to inspire and prepare his team for the inevitably long season that AS Roma has in front of them.

Overall, Roma finds itself days out from the commencement of what will hopefully be the most memorable season for Giallorossi in almost 2 decades. To walk away from this season without any hardware at the end of it would almost certainly be an impossible pill to swallow for Pallotta and his team. For a team that has done so well for so long without any significant results, the time is now. The season is this one. The captain is De Rossi. Forza La Roma.

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