Gandini: “Our goal is certainly the Scudetto. Nainggolan remains with us”

Umberto Gandini - AS Roma
Umberto Gandini - AS Roma

AS Roma CEO Umberto Gandini released an interview to Radio 24. He clarified the expectations of the club and the future of Radja Nainggolan.

“All the best clubs in the world are traveling during the summer period. We have the possibility to train in high level facilities.

We cannot say that we have a comparative disadvantage because we are playing a tournament abroad. Let’s think about what happened last year. 2 teams out of the first 3 in the standings played abroad during the summer. This is the moment to increase the popularity of the brand but also to play against top teams to train well for the season.

Radja has a multi-year contract with Roma and we are eager to go ahead with him. Our dialog with the player is open. We are positive about a happy ending and about building a very competitive team.

Pallotta is giving consistency to a very ambitious project. He is a top level professional. Monchi is involved in a club with a very well defined situation. His acquisitions are improving the level of the club.

Our goal is certainly the Scudetto but we have to understand that there are other teams that want to win as well. Sometimes there are situations that change the final outcome of a season. But Roma must compete for the title.

The sponsor is another priority for us. There are positive opportunities out there but the club is looking for elements that will ease our path toward a deal.

In reference to the TV rights situation, I can say that the club is a bit worried. It’s important to have more resources to improve the competitive equilibrium of the league but I’m a bit skeptical that the competitive balance in the field can be reached with written rules. The important thing is how these resources are used. We have top teams that have to maintain a certain position in Europe.”


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